TIDES, or an inevitable unfolding (2022)

A sound essay in four chapters, produced with the support of Akademie Schloss Solitude and ZKM Karlsruhe as winner of the HASH Award 2020. Developed by Berrak Nil Boya.

“TIDES, or an inevitable unfolding” stages an imagined conversation between Gloria Anzaldúa and Édouard Glissant on borders, language, citizenship, belonging, and what it means to understand oneself as human. Inhabiting the poetics proposed by both authors, this sound essay unfolds and undoes their voices, always staying between the textured matter of language and their sonic, spectral manifestations.

Access the sound essay here: https://tides.oliveira.work
Desktop-only; headphones recommended.

All sounds recorded at EMS Stockholm, Summer 2019.
Mixed and dubbed in Berlin, Fall 2021.

An earlier, 20-minute asynchronous stereo loop version of this work was installed as part of Luísa Telles’ “Uproot” at Tom Reichstein Contemporary, Hamburg (Germany), between September and October 2021.

Pedro Oliveira · TIDES (with no accumulation of forgetting)