The Detectability of Echoes (2019)

Pencil drawings, 30×36 cm, series of four. Installed at BASIS Frankfurt, November 2020 with an additional 2-channel headphone track. Length: 3:34.

The Detectability of Echoes

Text by Eike Walkenhorst and Ramona Heinlein:

The Detectability of Echoes emphasizes […] the variable sonic forms and intensities of a singer inhaling, which if not frightening in itself certainly reminds us of moments of fear and anxiety. Extracted as a by-product of a perfect recording of a song, this material stands in for all those processes of classification in which language is purged of any kind of impurity. The act of breathing appears as a kind of reanimation of these purged samples and articulates a critical examination of acoustic biometric technologies and is complemented visually by the drawings series”

The Detectability of Echoes

Photos by Katrin Binner / basis e.V.