If Singularities, singular, became Singularities, plural (2017)

Live coding and spoken word performance presented at Transmediale 2017, in collaboration with Luiza P. Part of the Singularities panel, curated and moderated by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke. Joining us on this panel were also Dorothy R. Santos and Rasheedah Phillips.

The bomb, singular,
Is hurled at us, plural,
In timed steps
In rhythmic explosions

We scream, plural,
We hit back, too,
In anger
And endurance


We can remake singularity, singular
Into singularities, plural,
To make room, to make space
For ours, and those of others
Living under the same roof.

If we are to become fragments
Let these fragments be shrapnel.

Singularities (Poem)