Affective Infrastructures: A Tableau, Altar, Scene, Diorama, or Archipelago

Published in the online journal of the Transmediale 2019 in the context of the Study Circle “Affective Infrastructures.”

Can infrastructures be affective? How do systems of control and classification relate to today’s problematics of care? Which infrastructures assist in binding people together and in building new worlds? In the following conversation, Study Circle participants engage with such questions and bring in examples of objects, feelings, technologies, and practices that constitute affective infrastructures. Resisting the temptation to organize and classify, these entries are discussed but not defined. Wishing to keep the possibility for connections and associations open, what emerges is not a lexicon but rather an archipelago of items. Intentionally lacking a clear beginning or end, this conversation aims to stimulate thought and action about the interwoven realities of our times, and the need for living infrastructures that permit continuous shifts and transformations.

A conversation with Marija Bozinovska JonesLou CornumDaphne DragonaMaya Indira Ganesh,Tung-Hui HuFernanda MonteiroNadègePedro Oliveira, and Femke Snelting.

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