Listening at the End of (this) World

is an MA Seminar on thinking and listening with and beyond the end of the world as we know it, having as its main driving force indigenous and anticolonial thinking.

Undoing/Unknowing Listening

is an MA Seminar on colonial listening and the (im)possibility of non-extractive practices, anticolonial methodologies, poetics, and processes for sound studies.

Listening to Sound and/as Violence

is an MA Seminar exploring the effects of sound in the body and diverse definitions and discussions on forms of violence. Based on “Sound and Violence, Sound as Violence” BA course.

Border Thinking and border (as) culture

is an MA Seminar interrogating and intervening on the political and cultural implications of borders, articulated through a decolonizing approach using the theoretical frameworks from Latin American and Caribbean thinkers.

Introduction to Decolonial thinking and decolonising methodologies

is an MA Seminar which looks beyond the canon of Eurocentric research methodologies in the humanities as an opportunity to understand the assets of research and proposes a re-historicising of them towards a non-colonial, non-eurocentric research standpoint.

Sound and violence, sound as violence

is a BA Seminar exploring different articulations of sound and violence, from assessing the effects of sound in the body, to diverse discussions on how sound can be either a direct vector of or an excuse for different forms of oppression.

Sound as violence and sonic dissidence

is an introductory workshop on the theme of violences performed with and through sound and listening. Collaboration with Leil Zahra-Mortada and Gabi Sobliye (formerly from Tactical Tech Collective.)