The earview as a border epistemology: an analytical and pedagogical proposition for Design

Forthcoming chapter for the Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies, edited by Michael Bull and Marcel Cobussen.

The idea of the earview can be thought of as an amalgamation and negotiation of three aspects: first, a rupture with Eurocentric notions of listening as the idealised and quasi-spiritual counterpoint to seeing, albeit not eschewing subjectivity in favour of a modern/enlightened rationalisation of listening but instead accounting for other forms of “objectivity” that break from modern and colonial histories of audition. Secondly, a bodily engagement with the sonic affordances of designed artefacts, systems, procedures, and spaces — and the narratives they convey. Third, personal, idiosyncratic, and situated forms of storytelling that emerge from experiences of listening, never divorcing them from their role in co-constituting reality.