There is a Point at Which Methods Devour Themselves

12-channel sound installation (8-channel Ambisonics, 2-channel Subbass, 2-channel Binaural). Commissioned by the Max-Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics and installed at BASIS Frankfurt in November 2020. Based on “Balada do Filho Pródigo” (1989) by Elomar Figueira Mello, re-interpreted by Aimilia Varanaki. Length: 3:34. Text by Marie Thompson:“In There is a Point at Which Methods Devour Themselves, […]

“Das Hätte Nicht Passieren Dürfen”

Three-channel sound installation. Digital Scores 20x30cm, series of three. Commissioned by Karma Ltd. Extended and installed at ACUD gallery’s courtyard in Berlin, February–March 2018. Length: 14 minutes. The sound piece unfolds the story of Franco A., a neonazi German soldier who managed to trick the asylum seeker system in Germany and pass as a Syrian […]